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Pool pump motor bearings were going out (loud screeching noise). A penny pinching pool store told me it was too expensive to repair and recommended I replace the pump. United Electric Motor gave me 2 options: fix or replace just the motor, AND RECOMMENDED THE CHEAPER OPTION! They did the work in a day! - Tom S.
Woww!! These guys know their stuff. I went to about 5 different places and no one knew how to match or replace this motor. I took it out and just y looking at it and the application he had an idea. 5 mins later they knew and what they had and the bet thing was, in 1 hour they had a new motor for me. Thank you United Electric Motor. - Edward C.
Helpful people and got what i needed. I had questions and they reviewed the motor with me so i understood how to make the repair if i needed to.
- M. Vondohre
Great service! I needed help with a pump and the staff here is knowledgeable and on the ball. Highly recommend United for any pump. - Dwayne M.
United Electric Motor was extremely helpful. They have great customer service, very knowledgeable and helpful. I highly recommend them. - Robert S.